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MEC Minimal Essential Coverage

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Providing Health Benefits to your employees through PDR is just one way to improve employee retention and loyalty.  Additionally, it doesnt need to break the bank.  PDR offers affordable options through a Minimal Essential Coverage(MEC)Plan

Partnering with PDR creates options that might not be available to you as a small employer.

Taking advantage of Health Benefits with PDR gives you access to large employer resources at a fraction of the price.  Health, Vision and Dental are all possible options.  Click here to get more info

We take care of the difficult processes surrounding
benefit management, allowing you to enjoy what you offer.

Enrollment: On time eligibility, Plan management and documentation. 

Maintenance: On time and accurate payroll deductions 


Participation: Alternative benefits for everyone including your part time employees 


Documentation: Plan design set up assists employees showing impact to discretionary income.

If you are a Utah based company of have Utah based employees, we offer

Health Memberships to affordable clinics located throughout the state.

Managing your HSA and FSA has never been easier with PDR. The yearly IRS limits are tracked for you, ACH deposits can be made on behalf of participants, and elections/adjustments can be managed effortlessly

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Health Savings Accounts &
Flexible Spending Accounts

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