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We treat your business as if it were our own

PDR promotes a governing philosophy of “getting it right.” Care is taken to gather correct and accurate data and information from clients so that your payroll and related services we offer can be executed successfully. This approach helps ensure appropriate safeguards are firmly in place. Our ultimate aim is to hardwire company policies and procedures that help mitigate mistakes and errors — operational best practices arrived at and implemented as the result of rigorous formulation and successful application

Employment responsibilities are typically shared between PDR Benefits and the business owner (you, in this case). You retain essential management control over the work performed by the employees. PDR Benefits, meanwhile, assumes responsibility for work such as reporting wages and employment taxes. 

Meet your PDR Team

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PDR employs a dedicated and capable staff with diverse backgrounds led by company owners with extensive Professional Employment Organization (PEO) — employee leasing — experience. Our staff is proactive and customer-oriented, delivering support and service above expectation. We consider our job well done as clients realize efficiency gains and cost savings by running more streamlined and profitable operations as a result of our efforts.

Human Resources Partner Cloud9HR payroll software

Jasmine Perez

HR Business Partner

Employee_Management_Payroll Processor_Cambrey_Cloud9hr_software

Cambrey Boulton

Payroll Director


Ariel Pence

HR Coordinator

payroll company office manager amy cloud9hr payroll software

Amy Meneses

Office Manager

Employee Management Human resources _Cloud9hr_payroll_software

Curtis Powell 

Human Resources Director


Abbie Thornley

Client Relations

payroll company ACH invoicing Eddie cloud9hr payroll software

Eddie Rodriguez

Finance ACH Payroll


Marilyn Dulong

Payroll/HR Consultant


Sami Prado

Payroll Processing


Grace Benson

Health Benefits Coordinator


Adriana Maldonado

Payroll Processing

payroll company processor veronica cloud9hr payroll software

Veronica Santacruz

Tax Director


LLuvia Cams-Ydiz

Client Care Manager



Payroll/HR Consultant


Ana Arenas

Client Care

MicrosoftTeams-image (3).png

Marc Kessel

Payroll/HR Consultant


Noelle Degroot

Payoll Processor


Cheyenne Child



Dallin Strong

HR Coordinator


Tim Ostler

Sales/Marketing Support


Brooks Benson



Harry Hu

Junior Data Analyst

John-employee management cloud9hr payroll software

John Benson

Chief Controller

John serves as the company's controller. His responsibilities include bookkeeping and financial planning, as well as managing general back office support. Prior to joining the company, John spent three years at NuSkin International as an analyst. He graduated from Brigham Young University with an MBA in Finance.

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