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Austin Texas Payroll Company Cloud9HR Payroll Software

We Integrate With Your Workplace Ecosystem

Cloud Based Payroll Software

We have made substantial investments in developing a data-driven, technology-rich information systems infrastructure. Of particular note is our use of a leading, Web-based payroll and employee management software, Cloud9HR. This technology enables our staff to make better decisions, quicker, as we help clients find solutions to everyday workplace challenges. We also deploy a document management (or warehousing) system that allows for quick access to company and employee records. More

Full Customer Experience Service

PDR employs a dedicated and capable staff with diverse backgrounds led by company owners with extensive Professional Employment Organization (PEO) — employee leasing — experience. Our staff is proactive and customer-oriented, delivering support and service above expectation. We consider our job well done as clients realize efficiency gains and cost savings by running more streamlined and profitable operations as a result of our efforts.  More

Workers Compensation Active Tracking and Management

Workers Comp done right!  We gather all your policy info, class codes, etc and build this info right into your payroll processing tools.  The result is accurate tracking and management with insight into actual costs associated with workers comp.  Don't have a policy yet?  No problem...we are aligned with multiple carriers and will work to get the best policy to cover your workforce.  More

HR/Onboarding Acceleration

Our experience and knowledge coupled with the intuitive Cloud9HR Software make achieving minimum compliance with your employees quicker and more accurate than ever before.  Speed up up your new hire process and move employees from complete(legal)profile into payroll processing using minimal set-up.  More

Versatility in Payroll Processing

At PDR we take payroll preparation and processing serious.  Prior to running your first payroll we ensure all tax pay entities are correct. We work with you to gather all deduction, garnishments, all the pay types utilized.  We offer multiple solutions for gathering hours ranging from CSV files to manual entry through Cloud9HR.  We can integrate with your current time and attendance system or help you set up through our Swipeclock Time and Attendance partner. More

Employee Self Service Portal

Why waste time waiting in line or relying on someone else to get answers?  Take ownership of the info you need at the time you need it.  This easy to navigate login portal provides your employees access to all the data they want.  Access to historical pay stubs, W2 download, update W4 and I9 documents and much more.  We understand government forms can be confusing.  We don't dismiss your employees or their needs.  PDR support staff is well versed in all of the above and eager to assist when needed.

Payroll Reporting

Our custom reporting tool, Cloud9X, can be set up to accomodate custom reports crafted to meet your business requirements.  Our specialists will work with you to create productive, effective reporting solutions to better run your business. 

Payroll Financials Integration

If you use QuickBooks online;  Cloud9HR maps gross wages, employer taxes and any deductions/benefits that exist in your payroll.  Payroll data imports in as a journal entry.

To connect, simply accept the email invite from any computer, which will then take you to your QB login portal to sign in under your admin account.

For QuickBooks desktop; the email will contain a link to download a C9 sync manager which will be used to connect to the company file.

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